Neck arm and armpit pain after gym

by Adam
(St Albans uk)

Neck, arm, armpit, and some...

Hi there,

I pulled a neck doing side lat raises in the gym and have since been on a journey of various diagnosis and treatments.

The list of ailments on the surface are neck pain, armpit pain by the shoulder blade, both on the left side, pain in the left forearm and pain only when exercising or stretching within the shoulder itself.

And finally a major groin strain on the right side.

My current physiotherapist has identified the following..

One side of my hips was higher than the other. Thus making one shoulder higher than the other. Due to/in addition to this he identified a torn quad, and soft tissue damage to the right of my groin. And the aforementioned upper body issues.

He seems to have released everything except i still feel the deep down discomfort in the armpit near the shoulder blade which refers pain to the lower trapezium/neck/back area

If i stretch by putting my arm behind my head and lean sidewards to the right, the neck and armpit don't particularly hurt but the shoulder goes buzzerk which is odd because otherwise it doesn't hurt really.

Any pearls of wisdom would make me the happiest man alive as i'm an avid weight trainer and of late I've found a new live for football (soccer).

Im 30 years old, 6 foot 5, and about 18 stone.

I love gyms, Adam, they keep us in business! Along with horses, motor vehicle accidents, mountain biking...

Seriously though, remember the purpose of gym, weights and exercise in general to make you healthier, not to injure you.

In general, lateral raises and pull downs often injure people's necks.

When you say the shoulder goes bizerk do you mean in the arm, or in the shoulderblade?

Does turning your head to the left, and then looking up hurt? Where?

Is this little test positive: Upper Limb Tension Test ...

You obviously have a scoliosis, curvature of the spine. It's common in mild forms, yours could be worse, a) because you are so tall and b) because you have a short leg. There are also anomalies in the lower spine that cause it. Type Leg Length inequality into our Search this site …

Lying on your back, pull your knee to the chest and then towards the opposite shoulder. Repeat with the naughty leg. Pain in the groin?

Let me know.

Dr B

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