Neck and lower back pain after trauma

by Tammy
(Palm Bay, Florida)

March 10, 2016, I was in a car accident. The second day, I have neck and lower back pain. I seek the advice of a lawyer who refers me to chiropractic service. I have spinal manipulation for the first week or so ( three times per) and then massage. Now I am at two massages and two adjustments, per week. It has been 6 weeks and though there are days (few) that I feel I am back to my old self, most days I feel the accident just happened.

I work stocking products, overnight in which I am told that as long as I am doing this type of work, that it will take longer to heal because, I am stressing the areas that are in trouble in the first place.

I am wondering, was I wrong to seek chiropractic service? and now that I do get this service, I won't be able to stop until they release me because of the law suit that is against the other party.

I had asked the practitioner why I still hurt and he said because, I had underlying problems and once I had the accident it brought them to the surface. Regardless of what was wrong before, it seems there is more wrong now.
I changed pillows thinking this would help and that didn't seem to change anything.

Any suggestions on what I can do to help relieve this dull, aching pain?

Hello Tammy,
You're in a tough place. Firstly, let me say that bad car accidents almost always leave their mark on you. It's great that you went for treatment of those fixated and injured joints immediately, so there's a much lower likelihood of immobilisation arthritis.

No, I believe, as does your lawyer that you made the right decision; but then I have a vested interest! Sometimes another opinion never did any harm.

But I'm afraid a total 'cure', back to your pre-trauma spine is probably not going to happen, no matter what treatment you have. Do you know if there has been any injury to the joints of Luschka in the neck?

How much chiropractic treatment is a controversial subject. I haven't had the opportunity to examine you, see your x-rays etc, but it seems to me you are on the verge of too much manipulation. How about asking if you can quite quickly phase the treatment out to once a week, and then alternate week, aiming for once in six weeks? Just a thought. A sports massage in between might help.

Have you been given exercises? That's vital in my book.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Neck and lower back pain after trauma

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