Neck and Head pain

by Sarah
(St.Marys, OH)

I recently was trying to practice yoga head stands and once I stopped, a few days later started noticing major head pain whenever I moved my head from looking down to up.

I went to the chiropractor and he told me my disk was rotated and I was re-adjusted. I still have pain that shoots up into the right side of my head whenever I yawn very big or look down for a long time and raise my head up. Does this mean something is still wrong? Will this pain go away?

Hello Sarah,
Did you have just one "re-adjustment?" It's not often that a condition like this will be fixed in one treatment, and you probably weren't given exercises. You really need a short course of treatments. What was advised?

Plus, is yawning hurts and you are getting pain on the side of your head, then you also must have your jaw joint checked out. It's a major cause of headaches and, because the sensory nucleus of the jaw joint nerve is in the neck, it may cause neck pain.

I hope this has contributed; ask further questions if need be but keep to the same thread.

Dr B

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