Neck and arm pain but doctor says just a spasm

Which fingers are affected?

Which fingers are affected?

The pain usually starts in the bottom right side of my neck and goes down through my arm sometimes to my fingers. My right shoulder is numb and tingly most of the time also. The pain happens every single second that I am awake.

My neck also causes me to have really bad headaches, heat flashes, and I even developed a hump on my back. My doctor said it was just a neck spasm but I think it is more.

Hello Brittany,
I'm not surprised you're fed up; "just a neck spasm" can be one of the most painful experiences someone can have.

Secondly, if it's radiating down your arm, your should take note if it continues; otherwise your arm becomes numb and may end up permanently weak.

Two little important tests you can do at home:

1. Turn your head to the right and then slowly look up. Does it hurt in the neck and, more particularly, does it immediately shoot into your arm?

2. With the help of a friend do the 'upper limb tension test.' If it's positive then you're certainly not whingeing about nothing.

Pay especial attention to just which fingers are affected.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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