Neck adjustment won't hold

by Leanna

I’m responding to your questions. My first chiropractor did a X-ray; no issues evident. No cervical rib. Swelling and circulation problem was in the arms but has since subsided. Negative Adson's test. My posture is good. I never slouch because it hurts. I do not sit for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

I sleep on my back with a chiropractic pillow only. The biggest thing that bothers me is everything from neck through the shoulders and ribs feel disconnected, with soreness, grinding, clicking and constantly popping. I have never had upper body issues or headaches before the adjustment. Thanks in advancement for any ideas.

Hello Leanne,
I'm sorry, but I have nothing more to contribute. From the available information, I can come to no conclusions.

You obviously consulted him in the beginning "because it hurts" but with normal x-rays and only a few treatments I gather, I don't understand the grinding, clicking and constant popping; those are the signs of degenerative change and over-manipulation.

I think it best you consult your doctor, or another chiropractor, for a second opinion. Someone who can examine you thoroughly, look at the x-rays and confirm there is no significant wear and tear.

You're in a difficult place, and I'm sorry I have no more to offer.

Let me known in a month or two how you get on.


Dr B.R. Lewis DC.

Hello Leanna,
Thank you for this response. It's really difficult to add more from afar, being unable to examine you.

So we stick to generalities. Don't underestimate the influence of your diet in all this. Refined carbs lead eventually to insulin resistance and generalised inflammation in the body.

Make sure you are doing daily exercises for your neck. It's controversial and others will disagree, but I don't recommend stretches in the unstable cervical spine. Stretching would help the muscles but is likely to make the joints more unstable, and could be part of why the adjustment won't hold.

Overmanipulation is also to be avoided, though it's not defined. Follow your instincts. My rule of thumb is no more 25 adjustments of a joint in a year, and I think that may be too much. Others will disagree.

Have a regular massage.

When and if you sleep on your side, use only one soft thin pillow.

I confess this probably hasn't contributed too much. Necks can be difficult.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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