My upper hip

by Jade

I feel down a hill on Ice 4times and the last time it was hard to get up

and It's been 4weeks and not I can hardly walk and I am on creches and my O.T sead just from looking at he is 80% sure that I am going to need surgery

and I go for my MRI next week but I wanna know.. What dose it sound like I did and Do you think I will need surgery?

Hello Jade,
Not nearly enough information, I haven't a clue.

*Where does it hurt?
* what increases the pain, what relieves it?
* Have XR been taken? What do they show?
* what are the tentative diagnoses so far?
* "Upper hip" says nothing to me.

Please be a lot more specific if you want a reasoned and sensible reply.

dr b

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