My problem is dizziness inside my head. BPPV?

by Janet
(camden, sc 29020 usa)

If I move my head to the right or the left, the wooziness occurs; also, if I look up or down or when I'm walking in a store or open places. I get relief from just sitting still or lying down. Can you please help?

Hello Janet,
Apologies for the delay in answering.

Lie at the foot of your bed with your head over the edge. Have someone look at your eyes as you turn your head to the left, hold it for perhaps 30 seconds, then to the right.

If there is dizziness, and your eyes either dart about or start spinning, then you may well have BPPV.

A good clinical examination is called for. Blood pressure, and other things can mimic it.

See your medical doctor first.

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