my pain is in the middle of my chest on my breast bone and i have had a cough for awhile now

by Chandra Luzar
(Princeton In)

My pain is in the middle of my chest on my breast bone and i have had a cough for awhile now

what can i do at home to help the pain go away

my chest has been tender to touch it

i have been sick sinus infections two times this year bad coughing plus coughing stuff up that is clear with black spots in it

i dont know what to do i have went to the doctors alot this year for all kinds of reasons and my NP says she is not conserned with my issues

anything would help me right know

Hello Chandra,
All that coughing is putting a lot of strain on the rib joints, in front at the breastbone, and at the back where your ribs connect to the spine.

At the back it's called a "sprung rib" and in the front a "costo-chondritis". Pain, often with every breath when it's bad.

And may well lead to a more difficult condition known as Tietzes syndrome if neglected.

Using alternative ice and heat on your breast bone may bring some temporary relief, but what's needed is to treat the cause of your symptoms: that cough. And that's for your doctor to sort out. Had a chest X-ray? Smoker?

When you're suffering from what is basically poor health over a prolonged period, go back to basics. Are you eating your minimum of five coloured foods a day? Plenty of fruit and salad?

Remember sugar reduces the ability of your white cells to destroy viruses and bacteria, so cut back on sugary foods.

If you getting a lot of sinus infections, you may want to cut out dairy for two weeks and see if that makes a difference.

The chiropractic management of rib conditions like yours is covered at this page on rib pain treatment ...

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

Go from pain is in the middle of my chest on my breast bone to Chiropractic Tips …

I hope this has contributed.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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