my left leg seems not to work correctly all the time

by E Ruth
(Liberal, Kansas, USA)

Had a quick pain in my back (while brushing my teeth)Had quite a lot of pain for about 6 weeks, but the pain is not so bad now, I just do not have complete normal use of the left leg.

When I stand for a few minutes, in one spot, if has given way on me and I was on the floor without realizing what was happenning. I also notice when I walk, my left leg sometimes seems to 'drag', and when I go up stairs, I notice that unless I really pay attention, my left foot hits the edge of the stair, then I have to make sure I can raise it up higher. Going downstairs, I go down with my right foot, and put my left foot onto the step where my right foot is.

Hello Ruth,
You have no pain in your leg? Go to Help for sciatic pain and scroll down to Neurological examination. You'll find a link to Youtube. Do the simple tests and let me know the result.

Then go to Slump test for sciatica and again let me have the result.

Finally, bend forwards carefully, noting what you feel in the legs, then backwards carefully, then to the side. What are you feeling in the legs.

Hopefully on the basis of this I can give you some direction.

Meantime take it seriously. You obviously are, hence this question. Progressive weakness in the leg is worrying. I would sit a lot less and start doing some of these exercises. Listen to your back because we don't yet have a diagnosis and some could make it worse. Lower back exercises ...

Sit less, be careful, don't vacuum, don't sneeze! and be very careful of bending.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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