My foot and whole leg still hurts

by Christina

About 2 months ago I was trying to move my boyfriend's motorcycle (out of spite, trying to make a point, I'm 105 lbs) which is about 800 lb and I slipped on the grass and the whole bike fell on top of me; I was screaming in pain. My boyfriend lifted the bike off of me as he came running outside hearing me scream and I could not walk on my foot for about 2 days. After that I could gently walk on my foot just a tiny little bit. After that I used crutches for about a day or two because it became unbearable to walk on my foot; my whole leg was in terrible pain while I was using crutches.

I smoke to someone for about 10 minutes and my whole foot from about my calf down turned purple. I didn't think much of it I went home put my leg up put ice on my ankle and the next day my foot and leg felt fine so I was walking on it and everything. At the time I was babysitting so I had to carry an infant around so if I sat down for more than 5 minutes or so when I would get up I would be thrown off balance because I wasn't used to the pain in my foot.

It has gotten a lot better now; my ankle is still very swollen and I have agonizing pain in my leg and ankle from time to time. I just want to know if it was bruised or sprained to the best of your knowledge. I did not seek any medical assistance due to the fact that I did not have a job or Health Care at the time so I could not afford to go to the doctors. Since I'm now working a full time job I can afford to go to the doctors, if you I think it is necessary; thank you in advance.

Hello Christina,
Apologies, but I've been on leave.

If after two months, and it's now nearly three, it's still very swollen, and you have 'agonizing pain' periodically still, then yes I think you need a professional opinion from someone experienced in working with trauma to the lower leg.

Whilst there are chiropractors who qualify, finding someone experienced enough would be difficult, so my recommendation is an orthopaedic specialist. You may well have fractured something, and certainly with all that bruising at least torn and emaciated some tissue.

You don't want to be left with a lifelong problem.

Mm, out of spite. Says something, eh!

Let me know what transpires.

Dr B

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