My chiropractor really cares about me

by Jim

Thank you for your informative newsletters!

I'm not in the best of health and have been going back to my chiropractor for cervical/occipital nerve issues.

I always know that he is going to ask before doing any procedure and I can tell he cares about me the patient not his fee.

I will mention this web site to him and I expect he is going to tell me he is already receiving the newsletters.

I do plan on getting your book, Stones in my Clog ...


Thanks for your contribution, Jim. It's always nice hearing good things about the care you are getting.

Thought: Drop him a card thanking for his care. Or, send him a copy of Stones in my Clog if you enjoy it. Sorry, but your $2.99 only buys you one copy! Or one of the hard copies of Frog or Bats.

Dr B

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