my calf muscles burn

My calf muscles burn most of the time and I have edema in my feet where even my low socks make an indention.

This is caused by poor circulation in the lower legs. And can sometimes be more serious, if the heart or kidneys are not functioning properly. So, first step is to see your doctor, if you haven't already. Diuretics may help.

Secondly, keep your lower legs and feet moving, sit and stand less. Walk and when sitting keep your feet moving, exercise those calf muscles.

Lying on your back with your legs against the wall may help to drain the blood from your legs.

Vitamin E and fish oil help with circulation.

If you are significantly overweight, get it off. Otherwise varicose ulcers may be the next to try you, very painful.

A good look at your whole life style is important: blood pressure, cholesterol, diet, exercise. This is warning you that things are going seriously amiss.

Dr B

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