my 10 year old daughter has headaches and neck pain

by Kathy

The sensory nucleus of the trigeminal nerve is in the neck.

The sensory nucleus of the trigeminal nerve is in the neck.

She had tonsillectomy and adenoid surgery 2 years ago and since has had a horribly painful neck accompanied by headaches and even some nausea. Wondering if something happened while on the OR table?

Also, now noticing a very distinct popping sound from her left shoulderblade when she rolls her shoulders back and she also describes pain to the touch in that same area. Could it all be related or are we dealing with 2 separate problems?
Any help is greatly appreciated....thanks.

Hello Kathy,
Let's start by ruling one thing out:
1. If you press gently just in front of her ears on the jaw joints, are they equally tender, do they feel the same and, when she opens and shuts her mouth, are there any clicking or popping sounds.

2. Go to the TMJ page at Chiropractic Help and look for the masseter and temporalis muscles; press on them somewhere beween gently and firmly. Does she wince? Is one side much more sore than the other.

3. Has she been complaining of pain in this area just in front of the ears?

Over opening of the mouth under a general anaesthetic is one of the major causes of TMJ associated migraines and, because the sensory nucleus is in the upper neck, cervical spine pain.

Let me know, and we'll take this further. Keep to the same thread.

Dr B

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