Muscle spasms and burning in vertabrae between shoulder blades, slight pressure back of head

Is is possible that I may have a pinched nerve causing inflammation, burning sensation in base of back of head, (feels like soft pressure of someone touching back of head) neck and between shoulder blades. It has had an affect on my eyes from time to time. Brain scan last year is normal. What can I do to loosen pinched nerve? I suffer with headaches. Everything feels normal when lying down at night, this only happens when I am up and about. Please help!!! I live near Carletonville, NW Province, RSA.

Dear Swanie Jan,
A burning pain is typical of nerve irritation. Between the shoulder blades is fairly typical of a rib or thoracic vertebra subluxation. The base of the skull is called the suboccipital area, where the first bones in the neck are located. It typically causes headaches.

Does the pain radiating under the armpit also? Does the breastbone also hurt. When it started did you have pain on deep inhalation?

I recommend you consult a chiropractor for an examination.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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