Muscle pain from pubic bone to knee

Two days ago I got an unexpected period (2 wks early). Yesterday I started to feel deep pain in a muscle at the top front of my left thigh. I find now when I press on the muscles near the base of my pubic bone on the left side it also hurts. The pain goes all the way to my left knee and it is hard to walk.

I can't lift my leg without pain and bending the knee, bending over from the hips, and turning over whilst lying down all hurt. I can feel it in my lower back now too.

I have a history of lower back pain though it has been many years since I had any major problems. This could be referred pain perhaps. It's the weekend and no physios are available. What is the best course of action till Monday? Rest the muscles? Stretch? Thank you, Jo.

Hello Jo,
It's already Monday alas!

The complicating factor in all this is the early period. Could it be a referred gynae problem? Perhaps. Or it could be quite unrelated.

However, what you describe is quadriceps or adductor magnus problem; some of these five muscles attach to the pubic bone; hence the tenderness.

It's chicken and egg, but more likely the pain in your lower back, perhaps the sacroiliac joint, is secondary to what's going on in the hip.

My guess is, but it's a long shot because many conditions can mimic this pain, that you've strained a muscle in the groin, and perhaps the hip capsule.

I would ice it, gently stretch and massage it, do some gently rotation of the hip lying flat on your back and give it a couple days. Often these things will settle down.

If there's excessive bleeding with your period, or you have the feeling this is a gynae problem, best see your doctor.

By the way, it's the pubic bone, not the public bone!

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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Feb 09, 2015
Hip flexors?
by: Jo

Thanks for your reply Dr B!

I elevated my leg much of yesterday and today it seems much better but not 100%. After some reading, Im wondering if its my hip flexors? Just a day prior to the pain I was turning for prolonged periods during a long drive up to the country (chatting to back seat passengers). Apparently 'change of direction' sports can make it flare up. Not sure talking can be classified as such but I was certainly rotating out of my usual range!

I've done a lot of ab work through yoga n aerobics over the last six months. I felt discomfort around that area over the weekend too.

I will go to physio tomorrow for full check up.

Hello Jo,
It's great that it's improving so much of its own accord; my thoughts too were of a hip flexor problem, possibly adductors. But there are a lot of other important and pain producing structures in that area.

Because of the early period, pain in the tum, and the 50 percent less pain rule (use the search function key at Chiropractic Help to find it) take it quietly now for a couple weeks. If you hurt it again in the near future, there will be drama.

Dr B

Thank you.

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