Multifactorial lower back pain and immobility.

by Bruce


I am 49 and in constant pain and unable sometimes to move.

I have been diagnosed with facet joint arthropathy (mri) after 20 years of back pain which also at various stages had diagnosis of prolapsed disc, unknown reasons etc etc. Now as well as this my hips ache.

Also had two knee arthroscopies on right leg at age 35 without any trauma to knee and this knee is now playing up again.

I believe right ankle subluxation (now arthritic) at age 17 due to accident whilst in army has caused shortening of same leg and led to all above problems but trying to get anyone to accept this has been difficult.

I am attempting to get legs measured and then if as I suspect there is a difference I will attempt to provide link between ankle and LLD .
Do you have any advice as I can only see this as progressing and not in a good way.
I would be happy to supply more detail if required.

Dear Bruce,
Gosh, you are young to be having such difficulties.

Firstly, the leg length. It's not rocket science. Ask someone to stand behind you, place their hands on the crests of your hips. Ususually it's quite easy to see if there's a large discrepancy. Smaller amounts are more tricky. Then bend forward: does the person behind you see the leaning tower of Pisa?

Remember that hip arthritis radiates to the knee. If you are having stiff hips, then one needs to be sure that the knee pain is not pain radiating from the hip. Lying on your back, pull the knee to the chest, and then the opposite shoulder. Feel inordinately stiff and sore, especially in the groin?

I have only two real suggestions of merit. Start the lower back exercises for facet joints, you'll find them at C-H, and do them very faithfully every morning before getting out of bed.

Secondly, if you have been to a chiropractor, isn't it time? Don't expect miracles, it will take time and hard work on his/her part.

I hope this contributes.

Dr b

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