mortons neuroma

I received treatmentsd from a chiropractor.

He used his "tool" on the bottoms of my feet.

Is it possible for this "thumping" to cause a neuroma?

I very much doubt. Activator in the first place is very gentle (too gentle in my opinion, except for children and the elderly, but that's my opinion), and secondly even vigorous chiropractic treatment of the feet wouldn't cause a neuroma.

I presume you went to him for treatment of your feet. If there's a neuroma, it was almost certainly already there.

But not to worry. Even Morton's neuroma responds well to chiropractic treatment. It may not "cure" it by which I mean the pain and tingling goes away altogether, and doesn't return, but then it usually returns after surgery too.

Stay with your chiropractor.

Dr B

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Jan 17, 2013
Mortons more
by: Anonymous

Thank you for responding. So, how long is the surgery good for?

I realize this isn't your field, but you appear to have the knowledge.
Again, appreciate your feed back.

Quite the contrary, I work a lot with feet. I'm treating someone right now who, the surgeon told her in two years the neuroma would grow again, but she had pain relief for only six months.

Personally I would recommend trying EVERYTHING else before surgery. Being on crutches upset up back and shoulder to boot. Sorry to be punny.

Dr B

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