moderate foot drop and tingling

Diabetic, HT, under control with meds and walking.

Semi flat feet
Had received greathelp from you for inguinal nerve press problem - in 2017(?), now 10% feeling on left leg thigh outer near knee. Continuing with regular leg, waist, back exercises per your advice then.

New problem:
1. Sep 2022 - inner ankle pain on rt foot while walking. No impact, no twist. Swelling. Limping.

2. Oct 2022 - physiotherapy-Ultrasound, thermal pad, supervised exercises. Pain,Swelling reduced. Managing to walk 4.5km/h with OTC arch pad 30 mins. Swelling an dpain intermittent. specially more at night.

3. Dec 2022 - Outer ankle upper foot joint - sudden weakness, mild pain in shin while walking. Developed over days into tingling, weakness in walking gait. Foot drop. Unable to raise roght toe much, can raise right foot about 50 % of left foot. Can curl down easily.

I am almost sure it's neither diabetic neuropathy, nor spinal issue, but a local nerve press in upper outer shin area

4. Jan 2023 - physio - nerve stimulation, US helped reduce pain swelling in inner ankle, and tingling in upper foot. Tingling is still distinctly there.

Advised to get customized arch pad insole through podoscopy etc. Exercises - toe inward curl towel lift, ankle bend inwards, lift up down on stair edge bending at ankle up and down after wearing customized insole shoe.

I would be highly obliged if you can help me with what best can be done.

Thanks again and Regards
kamalesh Dasgupta

Diabetes, HT and ?? obesity??. Those with BMI over 30 almost always eventually get knee or ankle pain.

Solution in any case for ever diabetic: zero refined carb diet and even restriction of whole healthy starches for a period. Follow any starchy meal with exercise, normally a short walk but in your case perhaps cycling or swimming.

Does forward, backward and to the side bending cause zero back or leg pain?

Are there any reflex changes, particularly medial hamstring reflex. Any wasting of the tendon and muscle on contraction whilst lying prone?

Weakness of great toe dorsiflexion is strongly suggestive of L4/L5 prolapse or stenosis.

Are the straight leg raise and Slump tests negative? See Chiropractic Help website.

General thought. Research shows T2D can be brought entirely into remission by change of lifestyle alone.

Good luck,

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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