Mild posterior bulge of l4-l5 causing pain in lower back and left leg

by Suren
(New delhi, india)

I injured my back on a trip to goa on April 1st; at first I thought it was a regular nerve pull and I continued my weight lifting; a few days later it became severe and I had to visit a doctor.

In my MRI, it concluded that i have MILD DIFFUSE POSTERIOR DISC BULGe of l4-l5 disc with broad based posterocentral component, causing affacement of the anterior epidural fat , bilateral lateral recess narrowing and affacement of the traversing lefy L5 NERVE ROOT.

I have pain in my lower back if I sit for 10 mins or more. And pain in my left hip radiatig down in my thigh and then calf.

I visited a spine surgeon which recommended me anti-inflammatory drugs and nerve strenghening medication and few exercises for 3 weeks, but it helped as long as I took the anti inflammatory drug.
I ignored my problem and for a month, I literally exploited my condition by not avoiding all those things I should have avoided, and it became even more severe.

After that i went to a physiotherapist for at least 15 days, he treated my heat pads , ultrasonic therapy and IFT AND then exercises, which somewhat reduced my back pain as my back muscles were becoming strong but I was not satisfied with my leg pain, so I left.

After that I took the famous accupunture healing treatemt for 15 days, I was given I.F.T , accupunture and exercise sessions on daily basis, it helped me alot and I felt almost no pain in my left leg, but on the last day, I dont know what happened I felt pain in my left leg as bad as it was on day 1. So I left that treatment also.

Now at present, my condition is that i feel strength in my back due to continous exercising so i feel less or no pain while sitting, but pain in my left hip, thigh, calf while bending, sitting in a certain position and while changing position while i am leaning on a bed. It's been 5 months and i am depressed because i couldn't workout because of this i have gaining 8kg of fat during this injury. And i dont know what to do.

For heaven's sake please help me. I am just 24 years old and i am very depressed.

Hello Suren,
One of the golden rules of slipped discs is that the pain recedes much faster than healing occurs to the surrounding annulus fibrosis, as it's known.

The second and third are that you should sit much less, and not bend for six weeks.

What's happening is that you are continually reinjuring the disc and now, if you have no back pain, but a severe ache in the leg it's a real problem. If you don't start following the rules, you'll be under the knife shortly. And that will be the end of your weight lifting days; in fact it may already be.

At chiropractic help, using the search function, type in 'slipped disc rules'. Follow them to the letter for at least six weeks and you may be lucky and escape surgery.

Thereafter daily exercises for the rest of your life before getting out of bed every morning are vital.

It may be months before you can easily and comfortably sit again; perching on the edge of a desc or bench may help.

Look out for weakness developing in your foot. Can you raise your big toe?

Good luck, I hope this contributes.
Dr B

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