Migraines? or subluxation?

by alfacentauri
(Austin, Texas)

Migraines? or subluxation?

I've been having awful, debilitating headaches for the past MONTH. They were diagnosed as cluster headaches or migraines. Unfortunately the doctor never considered a mechanical issue, so the painkillers didn't work. Why? I finally got relief from having the atlanto occipital joint adjusted! So glad I decided to seek out a chiropractor for a second opinion. Headache pain "miraculously" gone!!

Hello Alfa,
Remember to tell your doctor!

It's not migraines OR subluxations. A substantial cause of migraine headaches is a subluxation of the either the upper cervical spine, or the jaw joint; sometimes both as the sensory nucleus of jaw nerve is in the suboccipital area.

Thank you for your contribution. Bottle of red wine for your chiropractor?

Dr B

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