Middle back pain after a chiropractic visit.

by Tara
(Aiken sc )

I went to the chiropractor because of lower back pain; a day or so later I noticed the middle of my back was hurting pretty bad. I've never had pain there before. I was thinking kidney infection, it would be there constantly all day mildly, but would start aching and throbbing in the middle of the night.

First visit on Saturday second on Wednesday, went to emergency room early Friday morning sure I had a kidney infection, but I didn't. I haven't had my third visit yet; this is not my first go at the chiropractor, I absolutely swear by them. The pain isn't waking me up at night now but I am extremely sore.

I will go back, went today but they were closed.

Hello Tara,
Apologies for the delay, I've been on leave and have a very large backlog of letters.

This is something you should talk frankly to your chiropractor about; most likely he or she was a little too enthusiastic when adjusting your midback.

Usually it will resolve of itself within a week or two; if it's still painful now then it needs to be taken more seriously.

In this scenario, and it happens periodically to all chiropractors including myself, I would recommend an "anterior thoracic" adjustment rather than a hard P to A manipulation.

It's also possible that there is old injury in the area that you don't remember, so if the pay persists, then an x-ray is called for.

It's always difficult and controversial who should pay for 'iatrogenic' illness; a doctor caused complaint. Personally, if it was obvious to me that I had stirred up a hornets' nest, I would take responsibility for the treatment, and the cost of the x-ray.

In litigious America it's a whole different ball game.

If you've been to this chiropractor for many years, stick with him or her; if it's someone new, and he won't accept responsibility, then move elsewhere. Vote with your feet.

Dr B

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