mid rib cage pain from spine all around the ribs

by celette
(jonesboro arkansas)

Mid rib cage pain from spine all around the ribs often becomes chronic and require an occasional regular chiropractic treatment; there's no cure, just like diabetes for example.

My mid right spine has what feels like a tendon that stretches around to my right rib cage and is very painful; when I rub area I can feel this long "tendon" move back and forth.

My my adult daughter applies back ointment and rubs area causing a lot of pain while she is touching the area; I have an arthritic spine.

Also I have been told that my sacral disc are bone to bone, HELP PLEASE.

Hello Celette,
If you have any difficulty breathing, a cough, history of smoking or breast CA, then I would have a chest x-ray taken.

But more likely this has to do with the joints that connect the ribs to the midback. Each rib has three of them. If one is subluxated then it causes pain radiating along the rib; sometimes it'll reach the sternum.

It's a condition that responds to chiropractic but often is frustrating in that there is no "cure". It comes back, and you may have to go for a monthly chiropractic treatment.

Dr B

» mid rib cage pain from spine all around the ribs

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