Mid back pain with tingling down right arm through to 4th and 5th finger tips

by col
(seattle, wa)

I have a mid back spot pain slightly to the right side of my spine; accompanying this is a 'nerve' or tingling pain through my right arm across the bottom of my forearm between my elbow and wrist, together with a tingling sensation into my 4th and 5th fingers.

Across the past 8 days I have undertaken some additional exercise trimming a hedge. this required use of both arms in a sweeping motion using an electric hedge trimmer on an extension pole and other associated equipment. Now 5 days since any such exercise and with no obvious muscle straining, the pain and cycles are only very moderately abating, if at all.

What might my issue(s) be.

Hello Col,
A couple of tests would help me.

1. Does turning your head to the right and then looking up provoke anything? Where?

2. Does raising your arm above your head increase or relieve the tingling in your arm?

3. This is a difficult test, but give it a shot. Locate the pulse in your right wrist with your left fingers 2 to 4. Turn your head to the right, look up, and take in a deep breath. Does it affect the pulse?

4. Do the upper limb tension test with the help of a friend.

Let me know.

Dr B

» Mid back pain with tingling down right arm through to 4th and 5th finger tips

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