Meralgia Paresthetica treatments

My son has developed this condition 3 months a go with pain and weakness in left thigh and sensitive in lateral thigh and less in anterior thigh. Has severe pain and taking Gabapentin 300 mg 2 times per day and 2-3 Tylenol to control his pain.

I am a chiropractor and have no experience in treating this condition. Need help how can I help him with adjustment, exercise and stretching and any other techniques available or center that treat specifically this condition.

Dear Dr Nassiri,
Meralgia Paresthetica is a condition of the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous nerve. It's purely sensory. If he has weakness in the thigh, then it's probably not MP.

Please do several tests and let me have the results;
1. Quadriceps reflex.
2. Quadriceps strength compared to the other leg.
3. Femoral nerve stretch test.
4. Have him bend slowly forwards, backwards, to the side, off of painkillers for at least 18 hours. What happens?
5. Palpate just medial to the ASIS where the LFCN emerges from the pelvis; first the good side, then the naughty leg. What's the difference. Now run the thumb medially through the groin, care over the femoral artery and down the adductor magnus. Is there a difference right and left?
6. Are there any xray or scan reports?
7. How old is he?

There is no proven treatment that I know of for meralgia paresthetica, either medical or chiropractic. Despite that I have considerable success which we can discuss; but I think at first glance this is probably not a MP.

Let me know.

Dr B

PS. Sorry, I've been on leave and couldn't answer sooner.

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