Meralgia Paresthetica in my hip and shoulder blade.

by Jane

Maigne's syndrome referral

Maigne's syndrome referral

I have had intermittent tingling/burning/itching sensation on my back just below my shoulder blade for a few years. I have now developed the same sensation in my outer thigh and inner groin. The GP has diagnosed Meralgia Pareesthetica.
I also have had digestive problems for a number of years which the medical profession has never been able to get to the bottom of and have recently developed radiating pain around my chest. A heart condition has been ruled out.

I wondered if you had any ideas about what this could be and if you feel visiting a chiropractor might help with any of these problems.

Hello Jane,
Obviously I'm speculating, but it would appear that you have an irritated nerve in the midback that is now radiating in its course between the ribs; do you also have any tenderness of the breastbone, and even a small lump where the rib articulates with the sternum?

It often goes along with indigestion as the diaphragm muscle attaches to the underside of the ribcage.

With digestive problems think first of these little tips.

1. Get enough fibre in your diet, especially that found in fruit and salads; an apple a day, or prunes, may be your salvation.

2. Don't drink anything with or after meals for an hour, especially at night.

3. Start looking for what is being called real bread; better still bake your own, using sourdough recipes and very little yeast; a breadmachine makes it simple.

Meralgia paresthetica is unrelated; it's an irritated sensory nerve from the mid lumbar spine that courses through the groin, under the inguinal ligament, on the way to the side of the thigh. It's a tricky condition frankly, and both the spine and the groin have to be addressed.

Maigne's syndrome as well as hip conditions should also be considered.

The answer is a guarded yes; I say that because I treat both these conditions virtually on a daily basis, but neither are likely to be 'cured' and you may need ongoing management with a consultation every four to eight weeks. As you've discovered Medicine can't cure them either.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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