Meralgia parasthetica

by Nikita

Meralgia parasthetica

I had a back pain episode due to lifting of heavy bed, followed by lower-back pain for a week ,which was neglected ,but suddenly my thigh was paining .because of which i was unable to stand, and carry out any movements,

muscle relaxants were of very less help.MRI reports showed L4-l5 and L5-S 1 disc shift with annular tear indenting the theca covering,but on rest my lower back pain is reduced leaving a sever thigh pain in the front region(unlike a muscular pain) with burning sensation near the pelvic and knee joint.

what could be the cause, is it,meralgia parasethica ? How long and will it last

Hello Nikita,
This doesn't sound like Meralgia Parasthetica, I'm afraid. Rather these are Slipped disc symptoms ...

However, something doesn't quite fit: Neither of those discs are likely to affect the front of the leg.

Unless you have a far lateral disc herniation that traps a nerve higher than expected.

I suspect you have an L4, possibly L3 nerve root entrapment. If you stand on the painful leg, and bend the knee, does it feel like it's going to give?

My best suggestion is that you follow these Slipped disc rules to the letter. Sometimes these conditions can recover of themselves, given time, and care.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

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Dr. Barrie Lewis

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