Meniere's Disease

by Fran Murphy
(Gulf Breeze, FL)



Have suffered with this disease for many, many years. For no reason, I will have an attack and experience a headache, become very hot and finally start vomiting. If I recognize symptoms early on, I can prevent the attack by taking meclezine.

Can a chiropractor help?

Hello Fran,
Are you also going deaf? That's an important part of the diagnosis of Meniere's syndrome.

More usually, the attacks of vertigo, a spinning world, absolutely horrid and ultimately vomiting is the result of a condition called Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo. BPPV. Vertigo dizziness ...

It's often brought on by turning in bed, turning your head, looking up, or at a strange angle, and has to do with the inner ear balance mechanism, rather than the nerve to the ear.

Have you had cold water squirted in your ear? What was the result. Have you ever heard of the Epley manoeuvres?

Frankly, I go through all of that first, before adjusting the neck. The problem can be in your neck, and some people are helped by cervical manipulation, but more often it's in the inner ear itself, in which case the treatment of choice is not drugs, or cervical manipulation, but the Epleys.

The diagnostic test is Hallpike Dix test. Your head will be turned in certain positions to see if it provokes vertigo, and spinning of your eyes.

Look for a chiropractor who specialises in the Epleys and BPPV first. If the problem is indeed in the inner ear organ, adjusting your neck can sometimes make it worse.

Get back to me in a couple months and let me know what's happening. I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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Oct 19, 2015
Hearing Loss
by: Leila

Hi my name is Leila and I have had hearing loss since I was 30 years old. Vertigo, buzzing etc are what I have faced with every day. Recently my niece who is a Chiropractor adjusted my neck and I am amazed how much my balance has improved. Is there any help for my hearing?

Hello Leila,
You almost certainly have Meniere's disease and because there is no chiropractic research that I know of, we make no claims about regaining hearing loss.
However there's considerable anecdotal evidence; in fact the very first chiropractic adjustment resulted in a man called Harvey Lillard regaining his hearing. Ask your niece about him.

I have had only one such case, and you might like to read about at the Perhaps DD did it after all link below.

Ask your niece if she knows about the Epley manoeuvres. They are a great help for those suffering from vertigo.

If you do regain some hearing, as Mr Simons did in my story, make sure your niece writes it up as a case study.

Good luck, and let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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