Marked cervical curvature to the right and type 2 acromion.

by Marensia
(South Africa)

I have had trouble with my neck involuntarily turning to the right for years but recently it's increasingly difficult to control and accompanied by pain due to a spasm. I've also been experiencing increasing shoulder pain. I've been to physio-, cranio-sacral- and chiropractors but my symptoms keep getting worse and I now have pain in my hips and lower back as well. No one has suggested xrays so I went on my own accord and the results came back normal except for the marked spinal curvature and type 2 acromion. To be honest I'm not sure what it means and after ample googling I discovered your page.

I would appreciate it hugely if you can tell me which treatment regime would be the best. My cranio-sacral therapist diagnosed it as an awkward position in the womb, the physio (who did something called visceral therapy) said it was my kidneys...neither of which made sense to me. Would or should a chiro click my neck considering the curvature? Please help, I'm 53 but I feel like an old broken toy and I'm a very active person.

Hello Marensia,
You most likely have a condition known as cervical dystonia in which there is altered muscle tone in a group of muscles causing your neck to turn involuntarily like that.

Do you find yourself sitting with your hand on your chin to prevent the movement?

It's not at all common and I've only treated one case with some albeit limited success. There was considerable relief of pain by working with the muscles and joints in the neck, but the underlying cause is deep within the brain; it's quite likely genetic.

I would agree that those two diagnoses are probably hogwash.

Those muscular spasms often involve the muscles that attach in the shoulder area, so referred pain is not uncommon. You may however have a primary shoulder condition. Try doing some gentle shoulder stretches; they physio could help you.

A thorough examination by a neurologist is your next step.

Like I said, I have little experience with treating dystonias, but I would think that keeping active, doing neck and shoulder exercises and stretches, and having a regular massage either from a sports masseuse, or even your husband, would all contribute something.

I'm sorry I have little to recommend and don't feel alone; dystonias make all sufferers miserable.

Let me know if you find anything that helps; others will find your reports and comments very helpful.

Dr B

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Mar 28, 2018
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your advice. It's offered with wisdom and kindness. I'll definitely post if I find any relief for the dystonia.

Pleasure, let us know how you get on.

Dr B

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