Maignes Syndrome

by George
(Sydney, Australia)


I've had all the typical symptoms of maignes syndrome for nearly a year now, but I'm unable to find someone who can help treat it in Sydney Australia, I'm really desperate for help as I've been suffering on a daily basis for quite some time. Can you please reccomend a chiropractor in Sydney, Australia who can help me please???

Thank you,

Hello George,
I'm afraid I am unable to recommend anyone, I don't know the chiropractors up your street.

Start by phoning the state association and see if they can recommend someone.

Failing which, start phoning chiros in your area, asking to speak to the doctor personally, and ask if they have heard of Maignes syndrome, and are able to treat it. Whilst the condition is not uncommon, the name is not that well known.

But a chiropractor worth his salt will go and do some homework on the subject, and phone you back.

There are some specific Maignes syndrome exercises that you could do. Use the Search function at chiropractic help.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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