Maignes Syndrome

by Marc Heller, DC
(Ashland OR USA)

I appreciate your web site.

Just wrote an article on Maignes syndrome,
for Dynamic Chiropractic.

I thought you might appreciate it,
feel free to post to your web site.

Marc Heller, DC

Thanks for all that you do.

Dear Dr Marc,
What a pleasure to receive your missive. And what an excellent article in DC! Given me more food for thought. Thank you for linking to Chiropractic Help, and I'll certainly return the compliment.

More than anything, though, I'm excited to know that there are chiropractors out there who've been in the business for a long time, but are still thinking, trying new things, and obviously still thoroughly enjoying practice.

Lovely to see.

One last thought. A short leg is often contributory in my experience, the apex of the lumbar scoliosis being at or near the T/L junction.

Many thanks again for your article, your contribution to the profession, and your comments on Chiropractic Help.

Barrie Lewis DC.

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