Maigne's Syndrome (?) and other lower back issues

by JK

Maigne's Syndrome (?) and other lower back issues

Doctor, I have a long history of back injury and issues, all beginning with a car accident in 1993. Severe adult scoliosis developed in the years following the accident. I tried everything from chiropractic, to acupuncture, to steroid injections. I had positive results from one chiropractic doctor, but, unfortunately, had to move to another location and found no one else as good. Eventually, I developed stenosis and had a great deal of pain, trouble walking, etc. I optioned for an L2-L5 fusion in 2010 - short term results were good, but only lasted a few months. The x-rays and radiology report will tell you a lot. The last doctor I saw said the pain in my left buttock was a referred pain from my spine.

Hello JK,
What a sad story, but you're after something more than my sympathy.

1. Is it not feasible to see the great chiro you consulted before once a month?

2. Do you get any groin pain? The pelvic Xray doesn't have a R/L so I'm not sure which side, but one hip joint appears to have a pincer deformity. Femoro Acetabular Impingement Syndrome. That would certainly affect your walking, and if on the side of your buttock pain, could certainly be a part of the problem.

3. Lie on your back in bed and pull each knee to the chest and then towards the opposite shoulder. Is one hip much stiffer than the other? Any pain in the groin or hip? Is it on the side of the buttock pain?

4. Yes, the T12-L1 area can refer via the Superior Cluneal nerves to the buttock. And that area doesn't look great, so it needs to be considered.

5. I strongly recommend you EVERY SINGLE MORNING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE do these Lower back exercises in bed. Several times a day would obviously be better. Because one size doesn't fit all, I would recommend professional opinion on which would be most suitable.

6. For the pain at T12/L1 these exercises would be suitable: Maignes syndrome exercises

Your problem is obviously not simple, I've had no chance to examine you, so take these comments not toooo seriously, print this out, and talk to your current chiro as to what is and isn't appropriate.

Lastly, I'd be trying Thompson drop technique on your pelvis and Chiro Manis traction. SacroIliac Joint treatment ...

I wish I could offer more, JK. If you start the exercises, start slowly, listen to your back, there's no perfect set of exercises that fits everyone, and ask your chiro to vet them and make sure you're doing them correctly.

In particular, if pulling your hip to your chest hurts in the groin, please let me know.

Let us know how you get on.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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