Lump on back that seems to be cause of pain

by Emily

I have this lump on my upper back that I've had for a few years now. I've had dull upper back pain on and off with it as well. Today I'm having the upper back and neck pain, but it's worse.

It's more burning and stinging now and I'm having neck pain, shoulder pain, and numbness and tingling in my arm. I'm a female age 25. The lump even looks inflamed because it's bigger and red. What could possible be wrong with me?

It's possible, Emily, that there are two different conditions involved. It's unlikely that lump would cause numbness and tingling in your arm.

But you must start with that red, inflamed lump. I would assume it's a medical problem, so your GP would be the best port of call.

Ask him or her if it could also be causing the numbness in your arm.

Then, start to take note of exactly which part of your arm is numb and tingly. And what provokes the tingling.

Do our upper limb tension test and tell the doctor if it's positive.

There really are a host of possibilities. Don't leave it any longer; you really need in the first place the correct diagnosis, and that you're not going to get off the internet.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Lump on back that seems to be cause of pain

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Oct 21, 2015
Big breasted
by: Emily

Thank you for your opinion! I still have chronic back and neck pain, but I think it all may have started from poor posture all my life and being big breasted. I'm working on getting insurance now. Hoping it's one I can afford.

Hello again Emily,
I'm not generally in favour of cosmetic surgery, but the one exception is large breasts. They certainly do put a strain on the back and neck.

Unfortunately the insurance may exclude your neck problems. Talk to them.

Dr B

Oct 13, 2015
Lump in the midback
by: Emily

Thank you, but basically all you said was see a doctor. You didn't even say what the Two possible problems could be. Oh let me add now that the lump is like a fatty lump not a boil or anything. It reminds me of a lump characterized of someone with Cushing syndrome. It was just swollen and warm to touch for a few days.

I'm still having some pains in my back, neck and shoulder. My entire upper back feels like a pulled muscle right now and if I turn my head in a certain way it sends shooting pains down my neck and back. Even if I cough or breath deep it makes the pain worse in my shoulder and back. I did the test you told me to do and the pain was worse in my arm and hands. It's hard to type this message even now because I had only just done the test. I know I need to see an actual doctor, but I have no insurance. I've been trying to save, but something else always comes up.

I was just hoping you may have an idea what is causing this. I gave it a 3 since you didn't even try to come up with some possibilities, but not a 1 since you at least replied.

Hello Emily,
A swollen, warm lump needs in the first place a medical evaluation.

The fact that movements of your neck cause pain down the arm suggest a nerve root entrapment at the base of your cervical spine. Taking note of exactly where the radiating pain goes will help the clinician.

It's wise Emily to either have health insurance, or invest an equivalent amount every month in a dedicated health account. Rainy days always arise.

Dr B.

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