Lumbar pain down left leg

by Roxy
(New York)

Lumbar pain down left leg

Pain to the left of lumbar, and down left leg for about 3 weeks now, when reached over my desk chair. It is sciatica, can be soooooo painful.

The thing is, I had 'some kind of' back prob as a adolescent ~ don't know what ~folks all gone. I am 62 now, dealt with aching back here and there thru life~ like many. Summer of '88, could barely walk/move all summer ~~~ when I first decided to see a chiropractor ~ by end of summer I seemed fine. Oh, a doc did x rays that showed a narrowing of the 5th disc in lumbar region with arthritis in thoracic.

Anyway, 1-2 years into chirop txs, I changed chirops ~ been seeing him ever since. Well, here's the thing ~ I was at the NYS fair yesterday, when I ran across a 'Rythem Touch' product ~ checked it out ~ was kind of amazed ~ never heard of it before, and the presenter said docs, chirops, all know about it ~been around a long time ~mostly referred to as 'tens'. I am very pro active with my health ~ not necessarily healthy !!! but try to stay informed. BUT, I'VE NEVER HEARD OF THIS PRODUCT/TREATMENT ?!?!?!? My chiro has never sugg or used it ??? I don't know what to think now ?!?! Should I change and/or go to nearby chiropratic school/clinic in Seneca Falls, NY, nearby ~ what ??? IDK. Surely need some sound advice ~ don't want surgery/pills ~ but don't want to cont with or have sciatica worsen. I sure would appreciate some help, please. Thank you.

I am hoping you don't charge for this question, as I'm not in very good shape, financially, and disabled with charcot foot. Husband left 3 yrs ago, after 17 years. Lot of stress and I know that doesn't help, nor does my weight ~heavy ALL my life ~ am 5'4" and 256lbs. Again, thank you ~ not so many anymore who really want to help others, when and where they can.

Hello Roxy,
Well, you're in good company, this chiro hasn't heard of Rythm Touch either!

If it's going down your leg, then it's best you go off to your chiro again. For back pain, even severe back pain you can wait a bit, but if the Slump test for Sciatica is positive it's better to get help sooner rather than later.

Follow these slipped disc rules too, but perhaps better consult with your chiro that they are pertinent to your case.

Do those exercises for life, Roxy. I do them myself every morning before arising. On your bed.

You've been honest about your weight. I'm not going to lecture you, because all and sundry all have already done so, to no avail right?

When and if you reach the stage that you don't want to spend the rest of your life in disability and pain, then go to our free weight loss programs - not a diet, just a different way of eating. The healthy way. Do it Roxy, otherwise wheel chair soon with that charcot foot. And worse with a BMI of 44. You can do it, Roxy.

In short, sit much less, back exercises, ice for pain, see your local chiro.

Good luck, let us know in a few week how you are doing.

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Dr B

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