Lower right leg pain

by Dol

I am from Nepal. I found this research inst by searching web. I am feeling very happy to know as it provide fruitful information.now, I request to get app suggestion for my problem.

I am suffering from back pain specially right leg pain while walking few minutes since five weeks. I did accupunture for two weeks in local clinics. Then I met neurologist for quick relief. He suggest me to take ;medicine gabanet 1000mg &pneumonia 1500mg for one month ;physiotherapy ;belt etc after mri repot. I am doing all for two weeks. It could not bring significant improvement.lower part of right leg has still pain as last 5 week. Findings of MRI L-S spine is given below,:
1) central and right paramedian disc protrusion is noted at L4-L5 level. The protruded disc is compressing right L5 transversing nerve root and leading to mild central spinal canal narrowing at same level.
2) Disc disiccation changes noted L4-L5 & L5-S1 level.
3) hemangioma is noted at L3 vertebral body.
4)others normal
Hoping positive response.Thank you.

Hello Dol,
You have a nasty slipped disc in your lower back, as I'm sure you've been told. You basically have three options:
1. Follow our Slipped Disc Rules (You'll find them using the Search function in the navigation bar) and hope that with time the disc bulge will reduce in size and the pain gradually reduce. It will take several months.

2. Look and see if there are any chiropractors in Nepal. I'm afraid I don't know.

3. Goes for surgery to remove the bulge.

None will be easy. There are risks in all three possibilities.

Mean time start following those rules to the best of your ability. Exercises, ice, no sitting or bending etc. If after a week it's a bit better, then just continue for a month.

I'm afraid that's the best I have to offer.

Dr B

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