Lower right back pain

by Rene Foster
(Bogalusa La)

» » Lower right back pain

I have been in pain for 8 yrs with no relief. It started out just in my right lower back I can palpate a small nodule in that area. The pain radiated to my buttocks right hip and groin. When I get up through the night to go to the bathroom the pain shoots to the top of my right foot and I almost fall. My right hip stays cold to touch and I can no longer lie on that side. I've had several MRI and physical therapy with no relief. I have no strength in my right leg. I was last diagnosed with trocanteric bursitis. I've tried neurotin lyrica flexeril most doctors want to put me in pain narcotics which I refuse.

My pain is a 7 in good days. I noticed the pain when I received an epidural during my c-section 8 yrs ago. I remember telling the doctor I have back pain and I could feel everything he was doing and he insist is was pressure. I'm a nurse; I felt pain. I just want answer not narcotics and a diagnosis please.

Hello Rene,
You've had a tough time; I'm sorry. Not seen a chiropractor in all that time for a second opinion?

It's possible there are two things going on here.

1. With groin pain, I always start with the hip. Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest and then to the opposite shoulder, then make a circle using the your knee. Is it much stiffer or more painful that the other hip?

2. Then with pain radiating to the top of the foot, I would be thinking of a sciatica, or possibly femoral nerve lesion. If you bend forwards, backwards, and to the side, do you get pain in the back; and leg? Using the search function at Chiropractic Help look up femoral nerve and slump test for sciatica.

Let me know what you find using the same thread.

Dr B

» Lower right back pain

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