Lower neck pain with tingling in hand

I am experiencing pain in upper back directly on the spine and have tingling in my (R) arm almost all the time for the last month.

Hello Deb,

There are two places to start.

1. Which movements of your head, neck and upper back provoke the pain, and do they cause the tingling in your hand?

2. Precisely which fingers are affected.

Dr B

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Dec 06, 2016
To Dr. B.
by: Anonymous

Answers to Dr.B's question.
1. Tipping head to right makes pain worse.
2. Fingers effected with tingling -
thumb, pointer finger, middle finger and ring finger
Deb B.

Good morning Deb,
There are two things happening here and they are connected. Firstly the pattern you mention, all fingers except the pinkie points to a median nerve lesion; either in the carpal tunnel, between the bellies of the pronator teres in the elbow, under the pec minor tendon in the shoulder, or in the interscalene triangle.

Yes, a mouthful; it's complex.

Secondly, does tilting your head to the right cause neck and upper back pain, or does it increase the tingling in your hand?

If it goes directly to your hand, it's nasty, called Spurling's sign.

You probably need xrays of your neck and to see a local chiropractor. Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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