Lower left leg tingling with scoliosis

See how a lift in the shoe would have reduced the curve?

See how a lift in the shoe would have reduced the curve?

I was diagnosed with 20% scoliosis about 8 years ago, and I am now 58. I exercise a lot both cardio and weights.

I was having pain in my left hip and now I have tingling in my lower left leg. I do go to a chiropractor but this is new.....a few weeks.

Should I get an MRI. I have one about 10 years ago and showed some degeneration and I have osteopenia.


Hello Ann,
Incredibly important with a scoliosis is whether a lift in your shoe would lessen the curve; has anyone checked the height of your iliac crests?

Lifts are complex, usually reducing the curvature, but sometimes balancing the pelvis but increase the Cobb's angle. It needs to be carefully assessed.

By your 'hip' do you mean in the groin and side of the hip? Or in the sacroiliac joint? A short leg leads to a higher incidence of hip and knee arthritis, as well as degenerative change in the spine if not corrected.

Have your children and grandkids bend over in front of you; are the hips and ribcage level? Getting it sorted out now might save them the trouble you are going through.

Now to your hip and lower leg pain; is it on the outside or the inner calf? The former is part of the sciatic distribution, but the latter the femoral nerve.

Sit in a kitchen chair, flex your head on your chest, and ask someone to raise your foot so the lower leg is parallel to the ground. Does it hurt in the back and is it much tighter in the calf area than the right?

Perhaps print this all out and take it and your answers to your chiropractor; obviously I'm speculating.

I'm wondering why you are osteopenic seeing you exercise so much; ever take antidepressants? It's one of the side effects. Take a look at our calcium page.

I hope this all helps.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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