Lower Back Pain

In the Flip test ask someone to raise your leg parallel to the ground.

In the Flip test ask someone to raise your leg parallel to the ground.

I woke up last night in a lot of pain. It is in the lower part of my back on the right side. I cannot sit, stand, nothing without being in pain. I took Motrin which relieved it a tiny bit but it hurts so bad.

About two months ago I stepped on a rusty nail and got a tetanus shot. This was my right foot. About a month after the shot, the ball part of my foot started hurting and then there was a burning sensation into all of my toes. Now last night I woke up with the back pain. I am not sure what to do.

Hello Hamilton,
You do what you always should do with severe pain anywhere and that is consult a professional.

Start making notes about the pain; exactly where it is, for example. In the title of this page you said left, but here right. But where exactly in the lower back?

Then, what increases or decreases the pain; what happens if you give a little cough? Is gently forward bending worse, or extension?

What happens if you sit in a kitchen chair and gently straighten first one leg and then the other parallel to the ground; now gently flex your head onto the chest. Does that worsen the pain?

Think back to what happened yesterday; something caused this. Did you go on a long journey, move a heavy suitcase or heavy cupboard?

Look in the mirror; are you looking like the leaning tower of Pisa? The so called antalgia.

More than likely you've injured a disk in your back, so follow our slipped disc rules which you can find using the search function at chiropractic help.

I doubt the foot is the cause, but if you are still limping, then that's a possible factor. You probably injured one or more of the interdigital nerves causing the tingling in the toes.

I hope this contributes; let me know. See someone; today.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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May 10, 2016
Lower Back Pain
by: Anonymous

I meant to say lower right in the title, not left. I am in so much pain. I cannot sit, stand, lay down, nothing. I woke up with it last night and I cannot remember doing anything strenuous yesterday except laundry. I have had pain in my lower back above the tailbone and now it spread over to the right part of my lower back. It is burning.

Well perhaps it was the laundry; bending and twisting to put washing in the machine can be awkward.

An icepack wrapped in a thin towel is the best painkiller.

Do some very gentle exercises which you'll find in the navigation bar at chiropractic help. Beware, you're on thin ice.

Don't bend or lift and try not to sneeze or cough.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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