Lower back pain

It started last year July.it increases when i wear heels and i have to sleep on my back at night.i can"t sleep on my side.sometimes the pain starts when am standing even without heels.of recent i feel pains in my feet.

That means you've had LBP for a whole year. Time to do something. Hence this email of course. You make no mention of any investigations, or treatment, so I'm assuming you've had none.

Firstly, the pains in your feet are probably, but not certainly a local foot problem. Back pain doesn't usually, but it can, refer to both feet.

Oddly, high heels relieve some women's back pain, but usually it increases the pain because of an increase in the lumbar lordosis, the normal curvature in the lower back. This points to a "lumbar facet syndrome" - an increased lordosis from high heels puts increasing pressure on the facet joints.

But frankly this could be a heap of things: a spondylolysthesis, a sacroiliac syndrome, a leg length deficiency, degenerative bone disease or osteoarthritis. It's time for an X-ray (ask for "erect" or standing X-rays and "obliques" to assess the facet joints.

And accept that "lower back exercises" are a required. EVERY morning before you get out of bed.

You can punch all these terms into the Search this Site function at C-H. Plenty of info on exercises and these conditions etc.

Wear a pretty hat instead of high heels!

I hope this contributes.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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