lower back pain when standing

by Eric Kates

Lower back pain when standing

While walking and standing or doing any thing repetitiously while on my feet depending on the activity within 5-15 minutes my whole lower back tail bone area both hips and only in my left leg the pain travels down into the longer I try to do some thing while on my feet the worse the pain gets. The best way for me to describe what kind of pain it is, when you get an epidural injection in lower back there is a pressure like feeling for a couple of seconds then it goes away. That's the kind of pain and discomfort I feel the longer I try to on my feet the worse it gets. When I sit down the pain and discomfort goes away within 5-10 minutes. I have had many injuries within a 16 year period. I have had a MRI every time I injure my lower back. The only thing that works Is the injections. Between L4 and L5. I have many things wrong with my back, can anyone give me some kind of idea what this could be. I'm going to have one more injection and if it works great if not I'm going to have surgery.

Thank for reading and any advice you can give me.

Hello Eric,
I have two important questions for you, both to consider before going for surgery.

1. Are you doing a disciplined set of exercises EVERY morning before getting out of bed? Below you can see a link to those at chiropractic help, lasting less than two minutes, but must be done every single morning.

2. Low back pain with standing and walking slowly is typical of the person with a short leg. Has anyone considered this? Ask your wife to stand behind you, place her hands on the iliac crests, and have you bend slowly forwards. A significant leg length deficiency is easily seen, often accompanied by a curvature to the side.

However small differences can be significant too, and that takes a professional to check.

Type leg length inequality into the search engine at chiropractic help.

Do you have a positive Slump test for sciatica? Again the search function.

» lower back pain when standing.

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