Lower back pain radiating to front top of leg

by Lorrie
(Alberta, Canada)

I have COPD ..but I'm just wondering if that has anything to do with the pain in my back and the front of my thigh. Especially when I first get up from sleeping, I can barely walk.

I have asked my doctor before and nothing was done or he didn't know I was very sick 2 years ago, had lost my potassium, had low blood pressure, bladder infection so anyway, I was in the hospital for a month. They gave me antibiotic, and potassium inter-venus. When I got out I had to stay with a friend for a while, and was on oxygen at night.

Since August a year ago, I rent the machine, bought a maxi meter...so I don't go on oxygen unless it gets low, ..I haven't had to use it in 2 yrs. except 3 times for a few hours. I do run out of breath often; my bowels are not working regularly and I think when I need to get things going my belly hurts, and I think it has a lot to do with my lower back and front top of leg pains; what do you think?

Hello Lorrie,
Actually I doubt the COPD has anything directly to do with the pain in your back and front top of your leg. Having said that, smokers heal more slowly, so it may well be a contributing factor; the tissues just aren't getting enough oxygen to recover.

The femoral nerve comes from the mid-upper lumbar spine and supplies the front of the thigh and the inner lower leg; this is probably where your problem lies.

If you go to the navigation bar at chiropractic help, you'll find some lower back exercises; start doing them EVERY morning before getting out of bed, and perhaps several times a day.

And then of course you need a lot more fibre in your diet; do it, otherwise there's colorectal cancer on the way to add to your woes. Either beetroot or prunes every single day would be my advice; and more fruit and salad.

Lorrie, you have serious health issues and only you can ring in the changes desperately needed to step up to better health. The ancient Greeks asked, do you want to sit under the trees you once planted and watch the grandchildren grow up?

Get more active, do the back exercises daily, give up the weed, look to a healthy diet, otherwise you know what's coming.

Sorry to be brutal, but it's not anything you don't know.

Dr B

» Lower back pain radiating to front top of leg

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