by Shirley
(South Africa)

Patrick's Faber test

Patrick's Faber test

I have lower back pain, sometimes it's both sides but usually left side which is worse; it throbs and hurts, and is accompanied by pain in my buttocks and leg. It sometimes seems worse at night and I can wake up due to the excruciating
pain, and it hurts to walk. I also get pain when I move around a lot as well.

My left hip also locks every time I move it outward, and I have daily muscle spasms in my calves and sometimes (1-2 times a week) my hip will just spontaneously go into a severe spasm, same applies for my foot.

Do you have an ideas what it may be? I do have MS but my doctor says this is unrelated and seems not to know what to do.

Hello Shirley,
Let's start with the MS. As you know it's an autoimmune disease in which your body has started attacking the fatty lining, called myelin, that sheaths your nerves.
No one knows for sure why there is such a huge surge in autoimmune diseases in the last century, but I believe that it may be caused by all the chemicals we are exposed in our food and drink, and the world in general. Consider becoming a health food junkie, especially in relation to the fats we eat; avoid hydrogenated oils and especially margarine, and in fact solvent extracted sunflower.
Coconut and olive oil and butter are probably the safest.

Those spasms are probably due to the MS, or perhaps a mineral deficiency. Most folk get cramps now and again, but yours are widespread and frequent.

Have you had any x-rays of your hips and lower back? Please send me the reports.

Meantime do a little hip test. Lying on your back, pull your knee to your chest, towards the opposite shoulder, and then drop it into the lotus position, called the Faber. Compare with the good hip and tell me exactly what you feel.

Then next we'll continue with your questions about your back.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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