Lower back pain plus sharp stabs on the right side of my rib cage

by Philip

It's now been 3years iv had severe back pain to the point where I've had to be sedated for 24 hours bypass ology results that were printed out it was my L3 that are degenerate in but the problem I also do not understand sometimes I can move almost in a normal sense but out of the blue every now and then I am totally double.

I have severe pains under my right rib cage and in the centre of my shoulder blades I am waiting on that x-ray results as I only had it yesterday it was causing me that I could not breathe adequately sufficiently I am wondering if there is a trapped nerve and it is not being picked up on the xray; I really don't know I do have severe arthritis on top of it; I have scoliosis to the left side.

Fraid I don't understand some of what you've written, Philip.

Firstly the pain between your shoulder blades. If taking a deep breath in gives you pain, then you either have pleurisy, and are very sick, or more likely have displaced a rib head; it happens quite often after a violent sneeze. It's usually a relatively simple subluxation for a chiropractor to reduce. Obviously there are other more serious things that can happen in the spine. It won't be seen on x-ray; it's clinically diagnosed.

Secondly chronic lower back pain with intermittent episodes like you are describing is not uncommon; start with a set of gentle lower back exercises done faithfully EVERY morning BEFORE getting out of bed, whether you have pain or not.

If it's not helping after say a month, then it's time to find a local chiropractor.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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