Lower back pain numbness right thigh loss of power left leg shooting pain in buttocks

by Paul
(United Kingdom )

53 year old male, type 2 diabetic insulin dependant Lantus 10 units daily & 3 x 500mg metformin

Noticed @ 18 months gradually at first after exercise riding bike trying to lose weight.

Firstly noticed numbness full front right thigh.

Then over several months later lower back pain with shooting pain in buttocks and numbness in groin area.

Year later at a medical told loss of power @ 30% in left leg.

Takes a hour or so in morning to get going properly.

Can limp for several hours even after popping pills for pain.
Painful at nights cannot get comfortable.
Really uncomfortable when taking a warm bath at night.

Cannot get comfortable sitting or lying down, distrust sleep pattern.
Tried sleeping on floor, most uncomfortable worse back pain

On feet for 12 hour shifts pain most severe when ascending & descending stairs.
Less painful when just standing.
At the end of shift crippled with pain especially lower back
Noticed lately numbness to shoulders & arms but do not know if this is related.
Had MRI scan spine good ultra sound abdomen nothing abnormal
Physio exercises for hip & legs more painful but still continue.
Have had nerve testing done on both legs; inconclusive possible fermoral nerve damage due to weight gain.

Trying to lose weight but finding it very difficult with diabetes
Would chiropractor help locate possible relieve symptoms.
Advice welcome.

Hello Paul,
I have little to add apart from what I presume you already know. Your poor diet causing raised blood sugar is damaging the femoral nerve; for reasons unknown to me, diabetes targets the femoral nerve and the quadriceps muscle.

Until you squarely face your diet, and the obesity, I'm afraid you are going to continue to go downhill. Twice as many people worldwide die from obesity as starvation.

Find out about the meaning of glycemic index; it will save your life.

Sorry to be so pessimistic; it applies to each and every one of us: take responsibilty for your own health or suffer the consequences.

Writing this letter is very positive; you are on the verge of a new beginning. Get launched on the wave of better health.

Good luck.

Dr B

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