Lower back pain left side - worse at night!

by Carol

lower back pain

I am 60 years old, have confirmed lordosis of the spine and degeneration of the spine applicable to my age (MRI scan).

Over the last year the pain in bed at night have come progressively worse. I sleep for about 3 hours and then wake up to a dull constant pain in the back, radiating into the left buttock and left thigh. I do glute stretches to try and release it and hang the left leg over the side of the bed! I also practice yoga but I seem unable to get the root of this problem.

Often doing some of the yoga poses I can hear part of the spine on the left side 'clicking' as if something is 'trapped'.
I rest often in semi supine and apply ice to my lower back if the pain is bad or I have been gardening.

I have always had a sluggish bowel - maybe not going for 3/4 days so take linseeds to help.
When I was 11 I fractured my thoracic vetebrae by falling off a horse.

I have been to a chiropractor and osteopath and although there is some immediate relief, the problem reappears.

I appreciate I am getting older but really want to find out the cause of these symptoms and if there is any course of action I can take to help alleviate the problem before I get any older!
I lead an active life and take care of my body as best I can with yoga and diet but still have this debilitating problem.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions you have.
Thank you in anticipation for your help!

Kind regards


Hello Carol,
Is the pain in the back, side or front of the leg? Any pain in the groin.

When your back responds to treatment but comes back (how soon?) then what's needed is set of exercises done faithfully.

At C-H, in the Navigation bar on the left, scroll down and you'll find lower back exercises. Ask your chiropractor which are pertinent to your condition.

With night pain we're always rather more concerned. Try different beds, perhaps have a new scan.

Let me know about the above questions.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

> > Lower back pain left side - worse at night!

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