lower back pain continous increase at early morning

by balkes

I have had lower back pain seven months back after delivery of my baby; at the beginning it was not continuous, but now continuous pain as mass of pain in back. I have done an MRI. I want you to tell me what I have and what treatment and cause of this condition.

Hello Mrs Balkes,
You have what is known in ordinary language as a slipped disc. The soft gel in the disc has slipped out of its ring and is now in the small foramen where the nerve leaves the spine.

It's a very painful condition; do you have pain running down your leg?

It's particularly difficult having a small child where you are continuously called upon to bend and lift.

Start the lower back exercises which you'll find at Chiropractic Help in the navigation bar on the left. Look up our "slipped disc rules".

If you can find a chiropractor, they may be able to rescue with a series of treatments and exercises; but I'm afraid you may be on the verge of an operation to remove the gel.

Dr B.

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