Lower back pain buttocks and Meralgia parasethesia

by Caroline
(England )

Do you have any tenderness just medial to the ASIS?

Do you have any tenderness just medial to the ASIS?


I have a history of lower back pain which I get a couple of times a year and can last a matter of weeks up to 3 months sometimes.

Recently during a pain free period I noticed a burning sensation on the outside of both thighs which feels like they are sunburnt. This has been going on several months now with no let up.

I now have another bout of lower back pain after pulling a heavy coffee table. It is very severe pain preventing me walking properly and turning in bed or trying to get out of bed results in very acute pain like childbirth.

I am not sure whether the lower back pain and the meralgia parasethesia are connected or what the problem could’ve been?

I am 52 and have had bouts of increasing back pain a couple of times a year for about 10/15 years now.

This is complex, Caroline, and without specific examination it's impossible for to reply with any assurance. They may or may not be connected.

Firstly a few basics.

1. Anyone having increasing episodes of lower back pain should be doing a basic, simple, gentle exercises before getting out of bed EVERY morning. Start now but be gentle.

2. A pain radiating down both legs needs further investigation. Meralgia paresthetica is usually unilateral.

3. MP involves a slip of the femoral nerve, mid to upper lumbar spine. An examination needs to be done to assess whether your current episode of lower back and buttock pain is from lower down.

4. You need at least an x-ray, and preferably an MRI.

In light of the pain in both legs my suggestion is you start with a medical examination.

Let me know.

Dr B

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