Lower back pain, burning/ pain in upper left buttocks and left groin area.

by Tasha Lavergne
(Tennessee )

Superior cluneal nerves are affected in Maigne's syndrome.

Superior cluneal nerves are affected in Maigne's syndrome.

My back has been hurting terribly for the last 4 days. I can barely get up and down out of bed or sitting in a chair. It hurts most at night to the point of tears. This pain happens about every two years for a few weeks and then goes away.

I have even been stuck in a bent over position for over a week before from excruciating pain. The burning in my groin and buttocks happened with in the last two days.

It's burning from the inside. It is also very painful to the touch. Does this sound like Maignes Syndrome? I am going to chiropractor this week. Do I mention this syndrome? I am only 32 years old. I have had MRI's and X-rays that haven't showed any damage, but I have only had the test when it wasn't hurting because of insurance. Thank you for your time!

Hello Tasha,
Maignes syndrome comes from the junction of the lumbar and thoracic spine. Do you have pain higher up?

These syndromes have subtle differences; the key often is to figure where it radiates, what increases the pain, and where in the back it seems to be coming from.

The sacroiliac joint too can cause very similar symptoms.

Stuck in that bent over position, called an antalgia is a serious sign. Did you have pain when coughing or sneezing, or bearing down on the toilet? These are all indications of injury to the disc.

Start doing our basic lower back exercises every morning before getting out of bed, but ask your chiropractor first to vet them. He is able to examine you and make the diagnosis, and decide which exercises are most suitable.

Good luck, Tasha, let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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