Lower back pain and soreness

I have hypermobility which has been made worse by years of yoga practice followed by lots of bending and lifting during years of gardening. I am now 63 and have had chronic lower spine problems for about four years.

The hypermobility specialist did X-rays four years ago which showed twisting at L4-L5 area. At the moment I am suffering because of doing the wrong gym exercises two weeks ago, and in April this year I had 6 weeks of bad problems caused by lifting a cabinet whilst twisting in order to get through a door. I am exceedingly worried about the degenerative changes to my spine and very stressed about my future.

Please can you refer me to someone who can talk things over with me and maybe be of some help.

Hello Tony,
Try not to get overly stressed; it just adds to the problems. Keep things in perspective; if you have no leg pain you needn't be anxious.

Personally I find making a diagnosis of where the problem is coming from an x-ray misleading. I prefer to decide that from the examination, and then look to the x-ray for more information. All too often, what's seen on an x-ray isn't actually the problem.

Hyper mobility does indeed lead to more joint problems; try to discipline yourself to going down on one knee when bending down to the floor, rather than just bending straight over.

Remember the gym is no improve your health, not make you miserable. Choose the right exercises carefully. In fact I find a home exercise programme often safer, cheaper and more convenient. See our lower back exercises page.

You have to do your own homework to find the right person to help you with your back; start talking to friends and family, your doctor, about a conscientious chiropractor in your neighbourhood.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr b

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