lower back pain and also upper back and neck

by Julie
(Menomonie Wi Dunn)

I was told that I have sacralization; I am 3/4" short on my left leg; my left hip is not level or where it's suppose to be my spine curves to the left there is also a curve in my neck these area is where most of my pain is but I have constant pain 24/7 in my lower back!

I didn't have pain going down my left side of my leg until now! I have arthritis down by my lower back!

I have been to many chiropractors over 10 years now and they are not helping sometimes they make it worse!! One chiro that I just went to recommend to get an mri because x-rays don't do justice for me! He said you will than know exactly whats going on; in the mean time he said that the chiro isn't going to do me any good!

He suggest chair exercises and stretches I told him that I was going to this strong bone class and he said to get back in to it! Next class starts up in January.

Hello Julie,
You have two significant anomalies. The sacralization and that very short left leg. Combined together they make for misery.

Nothing is going to change the sacralization, you inherited it, and so will your children. They must be taught to do back exercises every morning before getting out of bed, just like they brush their teeth. It's important or they will have your misery too.

But you can and should wear an orthotic in and perhaps under your shoe. The thickness and whether it's under your whole foot or only the heel must be determined.

See a podiatrist; 3/4" is a lot and will probably need to be under every pair of shoes and is irritating and expensive but very necessary.

The short leg has caused a scoliosis and if not addressed will give you both spinal, and probably knee and hip arthritis. Do it! Be patient, working out how thick the orthotic is takes time.

Start those back exercise. EVERY morning. Your kids too.

An MRI would certainly be useful.

Dr B

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